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Safe Inside Records

Bazookatooth "Kingdom Of Pain" CS

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Like a three-car pile up, Bazookatooth smash punk, metal and hardcore together to bring you Kingdom of Pain. The group twists influences like Trap Them, END, and Punch to fly fast, stomp hard, and have fun while doing it. They don't shy away from difficult topics on this release, with lyrics that confront apathy regarding environmental destruction, the military industrial complex, abuse and lethal greed. Recorded and mixed by drummer Trevor Hoffort at Cloverland Studios, Kingdom of Pain marks the band's debut with Safe Inside Records. The band dons a more punishing sound than ever on their third studio EP. Raelynn Janicke at Infrasonic Mastering brings a polished grit in the masters, capturing the caustic energy of the band's chaotic live shows


Item Ships August 15th