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Safe Inside Records

Ill Communication "Doomsday Brigade" LP

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  Ill Communication started as a few friends from the Oxnard and Tehachapi Hardcore scenes who had talked about making music together for over 15 years.  After playing and touring North America and Europe in bands such as The Warriors, Diehard Youth, No Motiv, Retaliate and Gravemaker, they named the band, wrote some music and started playing out.  Soon after they recorded two EPs that where released online as well as a one sided 12” on Another City Records.  All their release have been and will be written, recorded, and engineered by a core group of friends. Musically pulling from classic hardcore bands such as Beyond, Turning Point and Inside Out, as well as well as mix of other music styles. Lyrically addressing a variety of topics covering the state of the world to chillin out with friends.  

 With the aim to give back to a scene that has given them so much Ill Communication joined the Safe Inside Records family to start spreading their ill vibes worldwide. In early 2022 they released a two song promo on Safe Inside Records called “Rhythm and Rhymes For the End Times”.  Like their name sake Ill Communication is about getting a little wild but staying progressive, paying respect to those who paved the way, but doing our part in the current punk hardcore movement, all while representing Tehachapi and Oxnard Hardcore.  In 2023 Ill Communication will release their first LP “Doomsday Brigade” on Safe Inside Records.

Track Listing:
01. Forever War, Forever Ill
02. Neanderthal Nation 
03. Flip The Switch
04. Well Represented
05 Soul, Brains And Guts. 
06. Audio Algebra 
07. Crucial Connection
08. World War lll (featuring Eva Hall)
09. Dethrone (Featuring Zack Nelson)                                                                          10. Search For A.C.
11. The Deal

First Press:
100 - Yellow  (Rev Exclusive)
100 - Yellow w/ Red Splatter
150 - Orange