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Safe Inside Records

Rejection Pact- Promo 2022 Flexi 7"

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Rejection Pact is a hardcore punk band based out of Boise, Idaho who formed in the fall of 2017. Drawing influence from the mid to late 00’s West Coast hardcore stylings of Rilvary Records as well as the classic Bridge 9 roaster, they self-released a demo tape in early 2018 & linked up with Safe Inside Records & released their debut 10 song 7” THREATS OF THE WORLD in April of 2019.

They played locally as well as toured the West Coast & Western Canada in support of their 7” and played with a wide variety of bands including Drug Church, Regional Justice Center, Mortality Rate, Magnitude, Envision, Trench, Berthold City, Keep Flying, Lower Species, etc.

Rejection Pact plays a blend of straight forward HC & melodic punk that keeps the songs short & sweet, rarely crossing the 2-minute mark. With a strong lyrical focus on political & social issues as well as personal growth/reflection, they’ve found comparisons to bands like Go It Alone, Bane, The Suicide File, and Comeback Kid. 

In 2021 they got together with Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals & recorded a new 13 song LP “CAN WE WAIT?” and upon finishing recording joined ONE STEP CLOSER & MODERN COLOR as regional support on their West Coast tour.  

Rejection Pact continue to fine tune their chops and look forward to venturing out to new regions in support of their new material and to remind everyone why it’s BOISE ON TOP!

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